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You don't have to fill this out, but we feel it's a nice ice-breaker ;-)
First update survey:
Do you do yoga?
If so, what form of yoga, and what level?
How much do you practice it?
At home (by yourself or with vids)/a class/personal instructor?
Do you meditate?
How long/often?
What do you do for goals(to be healthy/happy/clear)?
What other forms of excersise do you do?
Do you follow a special diet/lifestyle (ie meat free, etc)?
What religion (if any) do you follow?
About how much sleep do you get a night?
Why did you join this community (and do you have any specific goals for joining this community)?
Anything else you'd like to add?
A good quote, idea, etc following the theme of this community:
Please make an update with this *survey*. :-) Please add any more questions/facts/etc that work well with this, we just couldn't think of anymore at the moment - we want to know you and what you think! ♥

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